exam mode for cardsets

I was thinking that if we can have some cardsets with exam mode with 3 parts:
Your answer (richtext field)
Right answer (will show after clicking on "show answer")

also a timeout could be set to answer cardset.
after clicking on show answer "your answer" should send to server and changing text field to a read only div... also there is no known and unknown and edit button there and each card should only show if the answer is not inserted yet. after finishing all cards results should be reported to the teacher some how...also for example putting answers inside a new card set and save for teacher... or maybe a new menu option for teachers : exams and there teacher can check the answers and make a score if needed...
I know its a big story but its nice if we have that I can teach to my students here and also take an exam...


Idea is accepted and the Product Owner needs to create a Story of it.


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