2 minor issues on IE9 and IE10

it seems all issues on IE , Opera and Safari are solved except just 2 very minor issue on IE which can solve later:

  • IE10 and IE9: I used:
    $(".wmd-button:not([id^=wmd-image-button-],[id^=wmd-link-button-])").click(function(event) {onChange(event);});
    in order to don't mark card az edited when just clicking on insert image or hyperlink but it's not working just on IE10- for some reasons that I don't know really... and it behaves strange... when you focus in a card at first time this will not work and when you click on insert image again this will not mark card as edited anymore! (that's not a big problem)
  • another bug is just happening on IE9 , which is related to placeholder shim... this shim is overlapping the editor bar just when the field is empty...

we can solve these later or forgot these.


mahsa is working on the Bug for Release beta 1.


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