Discussion: Legality of CardSets

Currently, creating and sharing a card set goes without any legal acknowledgement from the user which means we take full responsability for everything any user ever uploads. Child porn would kill us and we wouldn't even have a chance to claim it was the user.

Today I got a wake up call through an email reminding me of german law where I have to declare who runs the site. Pretty sick laws. Basically it would require me to declare who runs kunagi, too, as new laws might even apply to sites that have nothing but "This site is under construction" on them.

How do we go from here? We already have legacy issues with all the cards already on the server, so basically we would have to require all authors that already shared something, to declare that they are allowed to do so and that we in turn are also allowed to do so under a very permissive license. I would vote for CC-BY.


Issue is closed for Release alpha 0.


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