Imprint is missing

In Germany you need an imprint for any website and failing to have one can cost real money.

Having an imprint also means saying who will pay if we do something bad, so I'm not sure if we should make this a German, Chilean or Iranian service.

Iranian is bad because of all those funny regulations about alcohol, gambling, women showing a little skin, etc.

German is bad because there is tough regulations also. Some might require you to use third party services to ensure no minors of age get access to harrassment. Some platforms restrict the user to user interactions between -12 users to sending emoticons.

It's also the reason why Facebook requires you to be +12.

As far as I know, running it as a company rather than a private person, protects you from the financial dagers when you are violating rules. Having such a company costs about $150 here in Chile and in Germany some $15000.


Issue is closed for Release beta 1.


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