New Phone transfer does not work


i bought a new phone (Galaxy S7). I used Smart switch from Samsung to tranfer all datas. It also tranfered the App Fluxcard, but without my Flashcards. I tried to import them, but i always get the failure, that it cant read from the SDCard. On my Galaxy S5 it works, but not on the S7. Does it need an update, you are working on? Please help me, because i really need my flash cards with all my achivements.

Statement from FluxCards Team

Sorry for the late reply. Hope it's not too late.

This issue sounds a lot like you are working on the wrong SD card. Please, on your new phone, export something, to see where FluxCards expects its folder. Newer phones have different configurations regarding sd cards. At the time I wrote the code, SD-cards were always accessible but with newer devices there often is an internal SD-card plus another one you can remove. You can't choose but FluxCards should find at least one of those.


Bug is accepted as 'normal' and the Team needs to fix it.


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