we have some minus values for cardsLearned in server

after implementing Global Cards Learned service I checked db on server and found we have minus cardsLearned after this document :
{ "_id" : ObjectId("533ca354e4b094932f585fdd"), "timestamp" : ISODate("2014-04-02T23:55:00.029Z"), "daily_active" : NumberLong(31), "weekly_active" : NumberLong(31), "monthly_active" : NumberLong(31), "hour_active" : NumberLong(7), "day_active" : NumberLong(2), "week_active" : NumberLong(3), "month_active" : NumberLong(4), "year_active" : NumberLong(1), "decade_active" : NumberLong(0), "cards_learned" : -159.5 }

I don't have minus values in localhost and don't have any idea about this! but I think maybe cardsLearned value is not calculating right , maybe if a person adds new cards this value goes to minus I don't know.
its a high priority issue I think as I'm going to show chart in landing page.


Issue is closed for Release alpha 0.


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