I like FluxCards functionality very much and I would also like to upgrade but I can not use it yet, since I habe to import data (18,000 english words to be learned...) to a card set but I can not clearly identify the data format or filetype I have to use. csv doesn's work (with simple 2 colums of data). The description in the FAQ/help is pretty short and basically says only that import "does work" and in which folder the file have to be put but not "how it works". (by the way: the path for export files that is mentionned seems not to be correct...)

Thanks for help!

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Carsten Nolte

Statement from FluxCards Team

This issue is about the Android version of FluxCards, not the Web version.

The import feature is built to be used with the export function as a form of backup, so you get your cards from one phone to the next, not to get external cards by the thousands into FluxCards. It can be used for that though, if you are good with computers. (The web version of FluxCards will be easier to use with that respect at some point.)

To import cards you have to exactly follow the JSON format as it is used in the export. Extra linefeeds should not break the import.

You can use for example either of these:

{"cardSetName":"Spanisch","cards":[{"question":"Dunsthaube","answer":"campana extractora","lastKnown":1328753981328,"streak":7},{"question":"Trotzdem","answer":"sin embargo","lastKnown":1328367167238,"streak":6}]}

"answer":"campana extractora",
"answer":"sin embargo",

{"question":"Dunsthaube","answer":"campana extractora"},
{"question":"Trotzdem","answer":"sin embargo"}]}

You must save the file with UTF-8 encoding.


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