the usage statistics is not plausible

  "_id" : ObjectId("539431c8e4b065f011aba94c"),
  "timestamp" : ISODate("2014-06-08T09:50:00.001Z"),
  "daily_active" : NumberLong(109),
  "weekly_active" : NumberLong(109),
  "monthly_active" : NumberLong(109),
  "hour_active" : NumberLong(22),
  "day_active" : NumberLong(11),
  "week_active" : NumberLong(9),
  "month_active" : NumberLong(8),
  "year_active" : NumberLong(7),
  "decade_active" : NumberLong(0),
  "cards_learned" : 127.4374999999709

Maybe I misinterpret this but I read it as daily_active == monthly_active, so all of those 109 users were active today.

(The second block of hour_active to decade_active looks plausible. It means that 22 people were actually active less than one day while nobody was active more than a year but 7 were active for more than a month which I consider us 5 plus 2 actual users?)


Issue is closed for Release alpha 0.


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