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I try to describe the sequence of the first thoughts that i had when i loged in for the first time:
- ok this seams to be the central page. apparently they made their FAQ as a example unit to learn. cool idea. lets see...
- *click on faq* nothing happens... umkay... what? three buttons, no tooltipps. probably they are "new" (or perhaps "move"), "list" and "delete". Ok obvious what the delete button does. but the others? whatever... what else is there?
- ah some graph thats of course empty now, but why does it show some date in 1970 (of course, i as a nerd can guess the reason, but the average customer?) whatever, lets check the three buttons below...
- they are likely to show other graphs. second one: not implemented.... oh and the third... also not implemented.... ok what is implemented then?!
- usually this would be the point where i'm frustrated and think "ok this project is by far not ready for my needs, perhaps i will check again in some months" but i would like to help and search for other things that make me feel unhappy:
1. why color gradients? (like the faq card set) i think the time when they were cool is over.
2. same for round edges? this is actually not that bad, but recent trends similar to google androids "material design" UI suggests that sharp corners are more popular today.
3. which brings me to the next point: glowing, saturated colors. I personally dont care much but i think you shouldn't use these strong "neon" colors.
4. after all it should be at least consistent: there are buttons with round corners and with sharp ones. there is a light purple and a heavy, strong purple. and there is one single element with a color gradient. ;) Now i just noticed: also there are ui elements that seam to go a layer deeper (like a hole in the plane) and also higher (like a board on the plane) and again there are round and sharp corners. (i'm in favour of the sharp and "board on top" design.

after all i think you are on a good way. this looks (on the first visual impression) much better than my very first impression on the fluxcards android app back then :D

i will check back another day for a more in depth test :)


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Thu, Jun 26, 2014, 00:06 by Mohammad Rafigh (PO,SM,T)

hi Moses,
thanks for your notice :) I think maybe Leo can answer you better but I can mention somethings that I know...

- about tooltips on cardset buttons, I agree with you I tried to add tooltips for those buttons but Leo wants me to don't use tooltips. I know many users don't know what are these!

- about empty graph , that's sto85 which I'm working on it currently and empty graph will not show anymore after finishing the story... and about other charts , first and third are implemented and just second one is not implemented yet! are you sure third one is not implemented yet?!

1. color gradients, I agree that its not a good idea to use a gradient color for cardsets, it was just for test and my idea is to have random solid colors for cardsets (or maybe selective ones) so we will change it as soon as possible.

2.about round borders.... I think its a good idea to have round borders for somethings like cardsets , cards , edit-cardset... because the first logo of FluxCards on android released with a round bordered "card" or "cardset" so I used it as a symbol of brand and a harmonic idea with logo and I didn't try to change logo style as android users are knowing FluxCards with that logo. so its not just a simple rounded border.

3.yes yes I agree too much. I had less time for doing some conclusions on UI colors but fortunately found it now and its sto71 and we are working on it. I want Leo to bring it up. its a small story which can finish in 1 hour.

4. about color harmonies , I tried to use a bi-color design harmony and not a boring mono chrome harmony. so we have 2 main colors : yellow and its complement purple. so some where we need to use a more light color (for example for chart options) and some where its a more important button like "create cardset" but colors will not exceed more than 3,4 main colors. as I said gradient will be removed. about deeper planes , we have just 2 deep planes which are drag and drop ones... I think its not a good idea to show them on top! deepness of those planes shows that : oh! you should place a thing inside that...! ;) and about round border of that deep plane yes I agree I tried to make it sharp before but didn't have enough time to find my best settings on css styles, so I turned it back again to struggle with it when I have some times ;)

thanks , thanks and thanks again for your notice and I can tell they was so useful hope to see your ideas other time again :)


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