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Just an issue to document the current redesign.

Leo hired Ritesh Kedia from oDesk. Leo's and Ritesh's communication so far was:

Leo: Hi

your application so far is the most solid if only for the feedback you got. Very promising.

My website is a learning platform targeted at young and adult learners but mostly students all over the world, localized currently to German, English, Spanish and Farsi. Students can create content together, so 3 might be editing it, while other 15 are learning it.

The brand color is yellow but the logo could be re-done. Let me know if you have ambitions to re-work the logo and how much it would cost.

My partner and I did what you see in so we would be able to integrate html/css/js of yours in our project.

I am not at all experienced in landing page design but I realized that most platforms don't use input fields on the landing page but buttons for register and login with the inputs coming only after that. I guess our choice of putting all those 5 inputs and the 3 social buttons right on the landing page was a bad choice but how to do it better? I'm sure you know how to do it better. Please let me know how we could work together.




Ritesh: Hello Leo,

Thanks a lot for selecting me for the job,

I have researched over the current page of yours and the layout of the page is good but the entire front page is blank and visitors can only get information from the page only if they scroll down the page so the rate of conversion would be very low.

I will come up with a demo design for the page on Monday for you to review regarding the page of yours.

Also the logo over the page is really very simple and we need to redesign the logo for the page so that it completely showcases the concept of your business and the landing page, I can for sure design a high end Logo for your business which will be elegant and showcase the entire business of yours and add to the brand image of yours.

The cost for the Logo design will be $40 extra.

The page I will design will have a high conversion rate and boost up the return on investment of yours.

I am looking forward towards a long term healthy business association with you.



Leo: Hi,

thank you for accepting my offer.

To let you know our current conversion rate:
We advertised to 10k "Iranian teachers" by SMS, generated 130 unique visits which turned into 10 new users of which 2 failed to confirm their email addresses. I read that as a 9% conversion rate (the 2 we lost are most likely due to a technical issue, not to a design issue) at a 1.3%CTR of our very targeted ad. As this is my first real web project going live, I have no reference point to tell if that is good or bad. Also the numbers are really low, so it's hard to judge yet.

Regarding the logo, can you please show me example logos and favicons you did before? So if we redesign the logo, I would also want to use the same branding for the android app at

If there is a strong case to pick a different color, I would be ok with that, too, although I like yellow but you are the designer and you know what works with our target audience (teachers, students).

I'm looking forward to working with you and hope you will be a vital part of FluxCards in the future, too.




Hello Leo

Thanks a lot for sharing the details about the conversion rate of the page and the same is really very low, I have a lot many more ideas so that we can make the page a real success.

I would love to discuss more in details how we can improve the conversion rate over the page so that you can generate more of business prospects so it would be great if you can share your Skype details so that we can have a verbal discussion about the same.

Also I am attaching files of Logo and Favicons designed by me and I will also discuss about the logo of yours in details so that the same can used over the app and through my research I have found that your app is very popular and in the same manner we can make the landing page popular.

Please share your feedback about the Logo I am sharing with you.

Looking ahead for a Skype discussion.


All logos in one:


Ritesh: Hello Leo

I have further worked over the page for your business and here I am with the first mock up demo design of the page.

The design and layout of the page has been done taking care of the conversion you will achieve through this page.

This is just a mockup demo design for you to review and share your feedback so as to further enhance the page.

Currently I have not showcased the Social connect over the page and I am also working over the Login form to be placed on the top of the page.

If you allow me I am ready to do the entire development of the page too as per your requirements and together we both can make this page a huge success.

I am also waiting to discuss about the project more in details over Skype.

Looking ahead to hear from you.

Please check the attachment for the Mockup Demo Design of the page.


slightly reduced quality to stay below 1MB:


Leo: Hi Ritesh,

thank you for your feedback.

I guess for now we should leave the logo as is. My partner thinks he can do it better, too and the examples you provided didn't convince me. Mostly too detailed I guess.

For the landing page design, there is several things I like. First of all, it definitely looks way more professional than our design. The footprints are not essential I guess :)

The element that first catches my attention though is "log in" and not "sign up". Wouldn't it work better to put "sign up" there and "log in" to the left of it and more discreet like does it , making the according modal window visible once the user clicks either log in or sign up? For the login/signup the handling of facebook/twitter/g+/mail login is essential and not clear to me.

So your design consists of: Header, invitation, how it works, features, what people are saying, footer.

Would "how it works", "features" and "what people are saying" all be animated in a carousel fashion?
I'm very hesitant to put fake people fake comments there, so this whole section might be a problem for now.

Anyway, I like it so far. My partner is back from a trip on Wednesday. I would let you know after hearing back from him.




Ritesh: Hello Leo

Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas and the feedback over my work.

This was just a demo of the page I am still working over the same and will present a modified version of the page at the earliest also I will be waiting for the final feedback of your once your partner is back.

I would work over the detailed feedback shared by you and do my research over the requirements and I will come up with a superb page at the earliest.



Ritesh: Hello Leo

I have further worked over the feedback of yours and have come up with a modified version of the landing page for you to review.

Over the page I have taken care of all the ideas and suggestions of yours and the entire layout of the page is done in a manner that will fetch you high conversion through the page.

If you check the page the hanging board it would slide once the development of the page is done.

I am attaching the modified demo of the page for you to reveiw.

I would love to know your feedback over my work so that I can further enhance my services towards your project.


slightly higher compression again, to stay below 1MB:


Leo: Hi Ritesh,

I just talked to my partner and we agree that your design is not addressing young people well enough. I like the black board but not the overdressed people in front of it. Also I liked it more with stuff painted on the black board. How about chalk drawn simple "FluxCards", some flashcards and some happy face on there?

The sign up and log in should be popups, as both have mail/facebook/twitter/google. Maybe lets have some chalk-style sign-up button in addition to the top sign-up button, which would both open the sign-up form where you put it in your last design. Hitting login would essentially remove the second password line.




Ritesh: Hello Leo,

Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas & feedback.
I will work over the feedback you have shared and make the modifications over the page as expected by you.

Looking ahead to present a modified page at the earliest.




Ritesh: Hello Leo,

I have further worked over the feedback you have shared and I have come up with a new pair of demo designs for you to review.

I am attaching the sample demo designs of the page.

I believe you will like the designs.



Ritesh: The second demo design of the page is attached

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